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Writing Update: Listening to My Gut

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It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about my writing. With it being NaNoWriMo  and me semi attempting to do that, I figured why not write about my writing? Especially since I have no book reviews to post because of it.

So I have started a new project about an all women magical pirate crew. It’s a story that’s been in head for about a year though I’ve never worked on it before this month. I always wanted to practice writing more, do research, make outlines and aesthetics and character profiles. And then I got an idea for it and said fuck it. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote out the first page because I didn’t have my computer at the time.

I didn’t know anything about my story other than what I mentioned here. I decided my character’s name and the plot right there on the spot, and the first time in a long time I had fun while writing. Before I couldn’t help being overwhelmed with anxiety about word choice and what people would think and outlines and profiles and research. But I was actually making it all up on the spot and loving the story and not thinking about anyone reading except myself and making me happy.

After that, I decided to continue with it. I got a navy blue notebook with a gold whale on it (I love matching notebooks with the story) and I decided to continue handwriting. I usually struggle a lot with typing on the computer, but I usually still use that as a main writing source with only sometimes using a notebook for a particularly hard scene. A computer is simply the proper way to write a book right? Not this time. I decided to go with my gut and continued handwriting everything.

No other story has flowed out so easily for me. I wrote out ten pages in a single day. I’ve never been that productive ever. Typically I can get maybe five hundred words in a day which I would guess would be a page and a half in handwriting. 

It has been amazing how shedding the conventional writing advice (using a computer, character profiles, outlines) has actually helped me. The outline especially surprises me. I have always needed an outline before. But even with no knowledge about this world doesn’t stop me. If I don’t know a name for a place I put [City Name] and continue on like that. 

I’m curious about how others have dealt with this if they’ve even dealt with it at all. Do any of you have trouble with going against the norm to find out your own path? How do you deal with it? This seems like such a small struggle, but actually listening to myself and what works for me has been my hardest hurdle in writing (and life honestly). 


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Camp NaNoWriMo Update #3

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Suggested Word Count: 15,833

Current Word Count: 5,700

General Thoughts: Over the weekend, I had gotten into a groove. I was meeting the daily goal. I was developing the relationships between my characters. I was  doing research. I was figuring out the plot. Then, I stopped working on it. I spent the last three days reading the second Magnus Chase book.  On one hand, I enjoyed the book, and I feel refreshed and ready to write again. On the other hand, I know for sure I will never reach 25K this month. I would be happy to get 15K or even 10K honestly. So that’s what I’m going to reach for now, but without officially changing my goal on the site. 

Small Excerpt: 

         “I want to know why you think that I would help you,” she said.

          “You can’t hold onto this misplaced an-”

          “Misplaced?” Lynette laughed. “That’s funny.”

          “You don’t know the whole story,” Terrance said.

          “I know how it ended. That’s enough.”

          Terrance sighed, and dropped his head low. Lynette hated him at that moment. She hated how sad he looked, and how that made her want to comfort him despite everything.

          “Look, Lynette, don’t think of it as helping me. Of helping us. Think of it as doing something you’ve always wanted in life. You’ve always wanted adventure.”

          “Maybe jail took that out of me. Maybe that was all the adventure I needed in my life.”

          “So that’s it? You’re just going to allow this grudge control the rest of your life? It’ll ruin it. Grudges always do,” he said.

          “It won’t ruin my life. Just yours.”

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Camp NaNoWriMo Update #2

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Suggested Word Count: 9,166 

Current Word Count: 2,121

General Thoughts: So after the first two days of meeting the word count goal, everything kind of went downhill. I would write a sentence one day, and maybe two hundred words the next. It wasn’t until today I finished chapter three. I changed the few parts of the story I had decided on, and it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted it to go. I think it ended up pretty good, but now I get to go on and struggle with chapter four.

Small Excerpt: 

        “Look,” Terrance sighed. “You both messed up. Let’s get out of here before someone catches us.”

          “Yeah, you wouldn’t want that to happen,” Lynette announced her presence.

          She watched, amused and sipping on her slushie, as they turned to face her as one stepping closer together as a team as if they weren’t just arguing with each other.   


          “Long time, no see.” She smiled and tilted her head. “So tell me about these powers of yours.”

          The trio looked at each other shuffling about uneasily.

          “Aw, don’t be shy. I’m just curious,” she said.

          They still didn’t answer. Distantly, police sirens rang. Four heads snapped up in panic. Lynette looked back at her old friends to see them ready to flee.

          “Wait!” she called out. “Let me go with you.”

          They looked like that was the last thing they were going to do other than wait here for the police.

          “Just watch and decide.”

          Lynette threw out her hand toward the metal gate, pictured grabbing onto it, and then pulled her hand back. The gate, instead of simply opening like she had wanted, completely separated from the rest of the chain linked fence. The surprised gasps from her audience filled her with pride, but that swiftly turned to panic as the gate was still speeding toward her. She dove to the side, cradling her slushie in the nook of her arm. The gate hit the wall behind her with a bang.

        “So, now will you let me go with you?” Lynette asked, cheerfully.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Update #1

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April is here and along with it another round of Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve tried to do Camp NaNo a couple times before a couple years ago. Each time I got around 3,000 words before quitting. This time I’ve lowered by word goal count to 25K, and I’m doing weekly updates here in hopes of pushing myself to complete it this time. 

A couple months ago, I got a shiny new paranormal idea, and that’s what I’m planning on working on this month. As far as planning, I don’t have much done. I have the main characters vaguely made. I have a summary, and I have a vague beginning outline. So this will be fun. 

My very rough summary for this story:

When Lynette starts to experience a strange, new power, her first thought is to harness it to the best of her ability. She stumbles across some old friends experiencing similar troubles, and starts to wonder if its more than a freak accident that she has this gift. Her suspicions deepen as a mysterious stranger comes along to ask for their help. She is going to have to figure out just who she can trust as she’s shoved headlong into a new adventure. 

Suggested Word Count: 834

Current Word Count: 1,281

General Thoughts: I spent an hour at first simply choosing a font that I thought fit my story, but after that everything came pretty easy for not having any outline. I finished two chapters today, and I’m pretty happy with myself.

Small Excerpt: He dove for her, reaching out her arm. Lynette stumbled back with a yell. She tripped over a rock, and she raised a hand up in front of her. As if that would make him stop. But then the strangest thing happened. A prickling sensation spread through her arm like it had fallen asleep. Along with her hand raising, the gravel did as well. Lynette and the man stared at floating rocks for a moment. Lynette looked back at her hand still raised as well.

Curious, she drew back her hand, and watched as the gravel followed along like an obedient puppy. The prickling intensified as it moved. She furrowed her eyebrows, thinking of another experiment she could do, when from the corner of her eye she saw the stranger step forward to her again. She didn’t have time.

Lynette pushed her hand forward with all her might. The rocks flew into the man’s face. Then, it was his turn to stumble away with a yell, his hands covering his face. She darted forward and lifted her knee straight into his groin. Just to put a little icing on the little rock cake she gave him.


Writing Projects

Writing Projects – Update #3

Dreadful Dreams

Dreadful Dreams

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Literary, Adult, LGBTQ.

Summary: Like every other human, Erin Reed makes mistakes. Growing up in rural Montana allowed Erin to create a dream life, consisting of riches and fame. When she finally leaves home for college, Erin knows she has finally made it. Free from the reigns of her past, Erin gambles her future for a chance at success in Los Angeles. She leaves everything behind to pursue an acting career. Everything goes according to plan, until Erin meets with the cruel reality of life.

When Erin becomes pregnant, she is alone in a city without a friend. There she meets Priscilla, a woman that offers to solve all of her problems for a high price. Time and time again, Erin stumbles with the fragments of her past, unable to run away from them forever.

Sometimes, you have to make rash choices in order to improve your lifestyle. Sometimes your so called dreams lead you to the most dreadful situations.
Word Count: 78,606

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