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My “There Will be Other Summers” Predictions


Last year, I made a post briefly discussing the news that Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is getting a sequel entitled, There Will be Other Summers.

Now that I’ve let my excitement simmer for a while, I have more coherent predictions for the upcoming sequel. First of all, can we talk about how wonderful Benjamin Alire Saenz was in letting us know he’s close to finishing writing the book? I love when authors update their readers on their writing progress.

There’s no release date for TWBOS yet, but I’m hoping it’ll come out in late 2018, hopefully, maybe. I have been waiting for this book pretty much since Saenz first talked about it on his twitter.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Saenz twice, and I’ve heard him talk about a few things regarding the sequel. So I have come up with a list of things I really want to read in this highly anticipated book. (Spoilers for Ari & Dante ahead).

  • Dante’s new sibling! I want to see Dante interacting with the baby. (I hope he’s a boy and they name him Diego). DANTE AND ARI BABYSITTING! Yes, please.
  • Ari and Dante hanging out with Gina and Susie — maybe double dating? I would love for Gina and Susie to be a couple honestly. They would be so great together.
  • Somehow, Dante convinces everyone to go dancing together and Gina and Susie are on board with the idea, but Ari needs more convincing. Eventually, they go and Ari ends up being an amazing dancer. Hidden talent, obviously. Dante loves it when Ari dips him.
  • Prom? — Saenz mentioned during NTTBF this year that he was writing a sex scene between Ari and Dante. So, if we wanna get super cliche, I think Dante would suggest to Ari to go to prom and have after-prom-sex. I don’t think Ari would have a lot of arguments because he would just be freaking out about Dante just casually tossing around the idea of sex.
  • High school graduation. I would love to see the different graduations, and the boys having to dress up for both, in case they’re on different dates. After graduation, Ari, Dante, Gina, and Susie would all go out to the desert to drink under the stars. They would lose track of time, listening to the radio in Ari’s truck, and they would make it home after sunrise, all full of soft smiles.
  • College life. Where will Ari and Dante go to college? Will they go to separate colleges, and if so, how separate? Will they both attend college? I have no idea. I honestly think Ari would be set on going right away, but Dante would want to take some time to just do art, and both of those options are great.
  • I know this is me hoping for too much, but a road trip would be incredible. Maybe a small one where Ari and Dante take a trip to the beach? They take the truck and Dante begs to drive it sometimes even though he doesn’t have a driver’s license yet, but he swears he’s a great driver. Then Dante wants to swim in the ocean and Ari doesn’t know if he likes sand, but Dante talks him into it because what can’t Dante talk him into? They chase ghost crabs at night and pick up a bunch of seashells and Ari actually gets a tan and Dante loves it.
  • Ari’s brother. Will he eventually get out of prison or will Ari go visit him? Will there be a relationship built between them again? I can see Ari going to see him, but not really knowing how to act around him. Will his brother be involved at all, in any way?
  • Death? I don’t wanna be grim, but Saenz is known for writing tragedy into his stories (I’ve read plenty of them). I know he is wonderful and would not kill off Ari or Dante, but I’m not sure anyone else is safe. I would be so hurt if either one of Ari’s or Dante’s parents die. I love them all so much. But this is me just being super negative ’cause maybe nobody will die and everything will be full of happy moments. (RIGHT?)
  • Will this book take place over two years like the first one, or will it be longer, or shorter? The title alone implies more summers, so I’m thinking it will be set in more than a one-year time period.
  • Again with the title. It sounds sort of depressing. Will Ari and Dante be together throughout the length of the book, or will they break up? If they do break up, I hope it doesn’t last long. I get that they’re young and this is both of their first relationship, which realistically makes it highly unlikely they will last, but this is fiction and maybe we get more privileges here. I would honestly not be surprised if they do break up for a short while. But only to help them realize they don’t want to be apart.
  • I’m certain Ari and Dante will be public in their relationship, but I still wonder if they will be out only to their family and close friends, or to everyone. I think Dante would be on board with being public to everyone, even after what happened to him, but maybe out of their own safety, Ari would want to keep it hidden. Or he would just be ready to fight anyone who tries to hurt him or Dante. Let’s be honest, Ari could take down anyone.
  • I know that this book will be set right around the AIDS crisis, but I want to remain hopeful that that won’t play a role in this story. Saenz wrote Carry Me Like Water, which I believe follows a gay character suffering from AIDS. I haven’t read it yet because the premise is too sad for me to bear, so I really hope neither Ari or Dante get affected by it. I don’t like sad gays, but the good thing is that Saenz doesn’t either.
  • To end on a hopeful note, I think this book will have so many touching moments between Ari and Dante. Think of it this way: we get to see what happens after the night when Ari accepted his feelings for Dante, and he felt no shame for them. That’s such an incredible moment, and I can’t believe we get to see more! Ari and Dante are both amazing characters, and they won’t disappoint.
  • We get to see them as a couple now. And they get to do on a first date, and then many others. We get to see them around their families again, and LEGS. There are endless possibilities for happy moments, and I can’t wait.

Do you guys have any predictions for this sequel?

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Aristotle and Dante Sequel: There Will Be Other Summers.

Anyone who has ever heard me talk is well aware that my all-time favorite book is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. As many book lovers, I’ve shouted at the winds about my incredible fascination over the story following two Mexican American boys on their coming of age journeys. I’ve read this novel three times, and each time, I’ve found new things to love. And if you haven’t already, pick up this book and see what I’m rambling about. But if you’ve read it, and you’ve been hooked on this book like a kid at a candy store, then let’s discuss the wonderful news of the sequel in progress.

Since last year, Saenz has been talking on his Twitter about writing the same book from Dante’s perspective. That, in itself, was more than I could ever ask for. (Not that I mind re-reading Ari & Dante once again, but new material straight from the main source is never unwanted). Recently, though, Saenz has been tweeting more about the sequel, which according to him, will pick up where the last book left off, from Ari’s POV. He stated the title would be: There Will Be Other Summers. Saenz continually talks about his progress, and it only ignites more buzz for this highly anticipated sequel.

Regularly, I don’t find sequels, or series for that matter, necessary. (Not unless it’s Harry Potter). However, I’m not against a sequel for this particular story. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe was wrapped up neatly in the end, after so much hurting and healing. It was all brought to a satisfying close, and it appeared as though the characters lived happily ever after.

Wrong. There were many unfinished issues in the story. Not to mention that Ari is only sixteen. He has his entire life ahead of him. He has a brother in prison who would not accept him for who he is. He has to face the world anew. He has to finish high school, face his friends after everything that happened. Ari’s life is just beginning. Sure, at the end of the book, he found out the mysteries he wondered about at the start of the book, but those are not the only mysteries he will ever face.

And then there’s Dante. We need to see his sibling, whether it’s a boy or a girl. A closer insight into his cultural issues wouldn’t be bad exploring either. I would love to get to know more of Dante’s family. I want to know more about Dante’s school, too. What else does Dante wonder about? Does he finally feel like the world belongs to him?

I’m beyond excited for the continuation of my favorite book, and it’s good to see I’m not the only one. I am sort of wary, though. Having read the majority of Saenz writing–which is lovely, by the way–I have noticed a trend in his stories. They’re mostly tragic. Although, the love he has for these characters is noticeable, so I’m not too worried. I believe their story is in great hands.

I’m really hoping we get to see more of Aristotle and Dante as a couple in the sequel. Another secret of the universe: are they actually a couple? We will have to wait and find out. (Fingers crossed they’re super gross with each other).

In the meantime, I would really recommend reading any other of Saenz’s novels, as well as his short stories, and poetry. He is a beautiful, talented author–my favorite, too. Below is a list of his published works, excluding his children’s books, which are also amazing. Saenz has another fiction novel in the works entitled The Inexplicable Logic of My Lifeand you can bet I’ll be pre-ordering it as soon as it becomes available.


Last Night I Sang to the Monster
Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood
He Forgot to Say Goodbye
Carry Me Like Water
In Perfect Light
Names on a Map
The House of Forgetting

Short Stories:

Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club
Flowers for the Broken


The Book of What Remains
Dreaming the End of War
Elegies in Blue
Calendar of Dust
Dark and Perfect Angels