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No Exit by Taylor Adams


Inhale. Count to five. Exhale. Forward motion.

No Exit by Taylor Adams is a thriller that has been re-released this year. I’m not sure why it was repackaged. I know they took out one email that was in the book which I think was a smart move because it gave too much away. Other than that, not sure what reasoning was behind it. I just know it caused a lot of confusion with readers.

But onto what the book is actually about. Darby, an over caffeinated college student, is trying to race against a blizzard to see her dying mother. But when she gets stuck at a rest stop overnight, her entire world changes. Because she sees a child locked in a cage in the back of a stranger’s van.

Trigger Warnings: Child Kidnapping, Violence, Racist Comments, Sex Trafficking

The story is fast paced and full of twists. I won’t lie, the first fifty or so pages I was iffy about this novel. But the second that first twist was revealed, I was hooked, and I could not stop reading that night until I finished.

I was riveted the whole time trying to figure out what Darby was going to do, and what the outcome would end up being. She was such a great, smart character. And the villains were equally unpredictable and smart.  It was like watching a game of chess unfold when you don’t know the rules of chess.

There was a lot of incidences that kept me from being into the story completely. A lot of inconsistencies and situations that were stretched on a little too long. I can’t say exactly what because it would ruin some the story lines, but they are the  reasons why this isn’t a full five stars (or flowers).

4 stars