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Misery by Stephen King – Book Review

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“He didn’t need a psychiatrist to point out that writing had its autoerotic side — you beat a typewriter instead of your meat, but both acts depended largely on quick wits, fast hands and a heartfelt commitment to the art of the farfetched.”

Paul Sheldon is a best-selling author who, upon finishing his latest manuscript, gets into a car accident during a snow storm. He wakes up to his #1 fan, Annie Wilkes, who keeps him hostage in her house, which is easy since his legs are broken and he’s in a lot of pain. This is where Paul’s nightmare begins. And man, it’s quite a nightmare.

I wanted to give this book a try because I’ve seen the movie, and loved it. However, I found the book to be much different from the movie. I was completely horrified by everything that happened. I’ve read some gruesome things, and I know Stephen King’s style of writing, but this took it to another level. Annie was a devilish villain. I listened to the audiobook, and every time Annie spoke, I cringed. By the end, I was a little traumatized by that voice.

Although I appreciated how absolutely creepy and horrible Annie was, I didn’t like that she was described as this fat ugly woman. I feel like there’s this common trend to make all evil people fat. Also, I know Annie had mental illnesses, but the portrayal of them kind of bothered me. King would sometimes describe her symptoms as depression and mania, and I was wondering if he had made her bipolar. Was he saying that bipolar people kill because of those symptoms? It just made me a bit uncomfortable.

Overall, the book gave me chills. I had this sense of hopelessness throughout. I saw Annie the same way Paul saw her, as an unbreakable goddess. It was hard to remember sometimes that she was just another person. Evil, but still a person. I like it when Stephen King makes real people the monsters of his stories. That gives it a deeper layer. It adds to the horror of it all.

This wasn’t my favorite Stephen King book, but it was still a good one. I went into it hoping to freak myself out, and it delivered. So I’d say it’s worth reading.

3,5 stars