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Emma’s Book of Courage by Emma Lindberg – Book Review

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Believe it or not, this book was written by a six year old. Going into this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the concept was fascinating. I’m happy to say I was not at all disappointed.

Emma’s Book of Courage is a lovely, uplifting, charming book. Emma talks about the many ways in which she constantly tries to be courageous in her daily life. She explains the many ways in which kindness has helped her be a better person. She talks about how much fun it is to try new things.

On top of the wonderful message, the illustrations were beyond beautiful. They were colorful and bright and complimented the story very well.

I read this book to my seven year old nephew, and he found it very interactive. It gave him a chance to answer the questions asked, and he wondered the ways in which he’s ever been courageous. I think this is a great book for children. I would definitely recommend it!

4 stars