Character Spotlight

Character Spotlight #7


Name: Aaron Warner Anderson

Books: Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Unite Me, Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Get to Know Him: Warner is the commander of sector 45, son of the supreme leader of the Reestablishment. He dresses nicely, speaks with perfect grammar, and loves to read non-fiction handwritten books. Warner has green eyes and blond hair and is symmetrically perfect, or so I’ve heard. He loves scented soaps, bubble baths, his enormous closet, and a girl he sort of maybe kidnapped to use as a weapon at war.

Why I Love Him: I loved Warner since he first appeared in the very first book of the series. In his villain stance, with his sassy comments and charming lines, I couldn’t help but fall for him. Then as the series progressed, my love blossomed and it became a near obsession. Warner is such a serious person, but the few times where he shows what’s hidden inside, they are so precious. I think there are so many layers to this character. His intensity and his vulnerability really took me by surprise. He’s someone I wish I could hug and protect, even though he wouldn’t like that very much.

Favorite Quote: “People can think whatever they like. I don’t desire their validation.”