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T.V. Show Spotlight-12 Monkeys

Name: 12 Monkeys

Seasons: 1 (Second season starts 4/18/16)

What It’s About: Based off of the 1995 movie, in post-apocalyptic future time travel is thought to be the only way to save everyone from the plague that wipes out seven million people. They send back James Cole to stop the virus before it can spread. He meets Dr. Cassandra Railly, a virologist, and convinces her to help him. But not everyone wants to stop the plague.

My Thoughts: I really like how they did the time travel in this show. They don’t have a lot of complicated explanations, and it is easy to follow along. That isn’t why I like the show though. Its strong point is the characters. They all get developed nicely. Their motivations and actions are all understandable and clear and well thought out. And I like them all. This show surprised me. In good ways.

Rating: 8/10