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A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove – Book Review

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“Nobody cared about me and what I did as long as I didn’t interfere with their lives. Sometimes, it was good to be invisible.”

Oh, boy. I want to start off by saying that I’m a little bit rusty. It’s been three months since I’ve read a book, and it’s exciting to finally finish one again. I stared A Boy Worth Knowing way before I stopped reading. I would only read it on my phone every now and then when I was bored, but I finally committed to it and finished it in a couple of days.

The premise drew me in. This story follows Nate, a seventeen year old boy on his senior year of high school who can see and talk to ghosts. He has trouble fitting in at school because this girl, Penny, bullies him every chance she gets. And then, one day, a new boy moves into town. James quickly becomes friends with Nate, even though everyone else wants his attention. But James believes Nate is “a boy worth knowing.” Get it?

I liked the way the friendship between Nate and James developed. Nate was so nervous at first because he wasn’t used to having friends, but then he was nervous because he started having feelings for James, and he didn’t want to complicate their friendship. Everything Nate dealt with hit pretty close to home, and I found it to be very realistic.

James was such a lovely character. He was kind and passionate. I found it easy to trust him. He was loyal from the start. I also loved Aunt Susan. She was so sweet and supportive of Nate, and she protected him fiercely. I wanted Aunt Susan to get her own happy ending. She deserved all the happiness in the world.

I thought Nate’s ability to see and talk to ghosts was awesome. He mostly talked to his Nana, who showed up every now and then to comfort him and give him advice. She was very kind. Another ghost that appeared was James’s brother, David. I really liked him, and I kept waiting for him to show up, but his interactions were brief. Overall, the ghosts were all great, and I was really into the whole concept. I thought it was executed very well.

I do have a few complaints. Mostly, it was that Nate would go into these deep depressive episodes whenever something went wrong with James. It happened twice, but both times were very difficult to read about. I understood where he was coming from, and maybe Nate just had his own mental health issues to deal with, but it was upsetting to read about. It frustrated me to see Nate give up sleeping, eating, basic hygiene, all because James ignored him at school. I worried about Nate’s future. What if he and James didn’t last forever? Would Nate give up his life because of that? Did his sanity depend entirely on another person? It was never really addressed in the book, so that bothered me.

Despite all my complaints, I ended up loving this book. The good parts outnumbered the bad ones by a lot. It was what I needed to read to get out of my terrible reading slump. I would love to read more books with these characters. If you’re into sweet friendships/romances and ghosts, definitely check it out.

4 stars


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