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Dragonbreath #10-11 by Ursula Vernon Review

So I have written about Dragonbreath quite a bit on this blog. It’s a children’s graphic novel series that follows Danny Dragonbreath the only dragon in his reptile school who has trouble breathing fire and always gets into crazy adventures with his best friend Wendell the iguana.


“A good scientist shouldn’t make assumptions until she has all the facts.”

In the tenth novel of Dragonbreath, Danny gets a letter from his cousin Spencer that he has been kidnapped by knights and needs help. Danny, while still not liking Spencer, decides he has to save him since he is family and all. Along with Wendell and Christiana, Danny goes on a rescue mission, but not everything is as it seems.

I liked Spencer making a comeback. He forces Danny to be a little bit more responsible which is a nice side to see sometimes. Christiana and Danny had a lot of focus on their friendship in this one which I loved to see. I also liked the acknowledgment of the whole knight vs dragon thing that happens so often in stories and how Vernon paralleled it with outdated racist/sexist ideals the older generation often holds onto.

5 stars


The air hitting the back of his throat was like frost.

Danny’s sick. His fire has gone out. As you can imagine, for a dragon this is a serious illness. Danny needs help from his Granddad, Wendell, and Christiana in order to get better. 

I love when Danny’s Granddad is in the books. He is funny and I always like how odd his solutions to crisis are. This was a bit more serious I found than the rest of the books, but this didn’t tame my enjoyment at all. If anything how different some of the books can be keep the series interesting.

5 stars

I am not sure, but I do think this is the last books in the Dragonbreath series. The last book came out two years ago, and the ending to The Frozen Menace was a lot more final than the other ones. I’m sad about it, but I’ve enjoyed reading it and Ursula Vernon has other series to continue onto. 


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