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Tales of an Aspiring Ex-Pat


Guest Post by the author of Production Values, Liv Bartlet
(Wherein Liv, the crazed anglophile, waxes poetic about life, and…stuff.)
Ah, London.
Home of my heart.
And, given my current address stateside: A one-sided fantasy romance. Hmm, is it possible I know a little about fantasy romances and the elusive nature of too-grand dreams? Is it possible this is all really about Production Values? (I’m so sneaky!)
I’ve been an Anglophile for so long that I sometimes forget who I’m supposed to root for when I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack. (Go George! Wait…which George? The king or the general…whose side am I on again?)
This weekend, my anglophilia is on high alert because of all things Royal Wedding. The dress! The hats! Beautiful old Windsor Castle! Grand St. George’s Chapel! The wedding singer who didn’t perform Abba! Ralph Vaughan Williams music all over the Order of Service! This guy in patriotic regalia!


I’m not an armchair Anglophile, though. I did go to London once. (Twice, if you count that one time when I was 12 that my parents let us spend a day in London and then immediately took us off camping in Scotland for the rest of the 2-week vacation. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.)
In case you didn’t know, Production Values owes its existence to a 10-day whirlwind trip to London. I/we/Becca and Sarah (it’s very confusing to be two people) were writing a different book—well, a TV series—that still hasn’t come to light. However, as we did the single-girls-covered-in-clotted-cream thing and swore we’d move to London immediately, we discovered that the series behind the series mattered more. We wanted to tell the story of two best friends who tried to take Hollywood by storm—the book that has become Production Values.

After London, our lives have taken some odd turns. Becca got married and can’t seem to resist adding living things to her family (cats, dogs, kids, tenants—Becca will take you in!) and Sarah settled into life in radio. Royal weddings and streaming The Graham Norton Show are the closest we ever get to the “let’s move to London and do all the things” dream.


Which is crazy…because we usually do what we set out to do. Hey, that’s life, right?—unpredictable and a little quirky, like my favorite photo of Big Ben above. Life is confusing and full of directions you can’t quite figure out. But that’s the wonderful thing about life—all those unexpected turns you make along the way. And no matter if you end up at the dream or take a curve into the mundane, life will always take you by surprise.
That’s the message I hope to send when I write. But maybe you’ll learn something else.

That’s okay—you’re on your own journey. The directions for mine won’t help you much.



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