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Collecting Secrets by PE Kavanagh – Book Review

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Collecting Secrets follows Camille, a young woman who lost her parents to a terrible accident. Her freshman year at Princeton, she meets Jenna King and her entire, charming family. Camille and Jenna become friends almost instantly, and soon Camille becomes part of the family. Among the family is Jackson King, the beautiful guy who becomes Camille’s best friend.

The story is told in present day with flashbacks to different times during the span of a decade. Usually, I don’t enjoy flashbacks, but this book did it so well I didn’t mind them at all. The flashbacks were helpful in letting me see a different side of Camille and Jackson, and understand their strong connection. I loved their friendship over those ten years. I thought they were so sweet together, and I was rooting for them.

The romance took some time to get use to. I’m not used to reading steamy scenes, and there were quite a lot of steamy scenes one after the other, so I found myself skimming those parts. Thankfully, there was a great balance between plot and romance, so I was able to enjoy other aspects of the book. I also really liked the inclusion of the King family. They had an interesting dynamic, and I wanted even more of them.

The plot was interesting. I don’t want to get into it too much, but there is a mystery and secrets that keep coming out, and it all made for a very satisfying conclusion. I would recommend this book to anyone into heavy romances that are born in friendship.

3 stars


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