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The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Rose Clark


He strung up strands of tree vines and red berry leaves and muttered his charms while I sulked in the corner and watched him. Just cause I was in love with him didn’t mean I wasn’t gonna resent him for locking me away like I was useless, or that I wanted to spend every moment of the day hanging around him.

I didn’t plan on jumping right into the sequel of The Assassin’s Curse but I couldn’t focus on anything else after finishing it. So I picked it up, and ended up finishing it even faster than the first one. I loved this book. I gave it five stars.

At the end of the first book, Ananna and Naji have been stranded on an island, but with the knowledge of how to end the curse. This book is all about curing it, falling in love, friendship, mysterious magic, more pirating, and more fighting. There’s a lot of angst, but such good angst I couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t mention it in the first one because while Marjani was important, she didn’t have as big a role as she did in this one. But she is a woman of color who is in love with another woman of color. And yes it’s on the page, and also, yes, it is happy and well done.

Speaking of Marjani, she has definitely become one of my favorite side characters. Along with the Manticore. Characters continue to drive this book, and I still stand by if you don’t like the main character Ananna then you won’t like this duology much. You might even dislike this book less than the first. It’s not the case for me though. She does a lot of actions through hurt and anger I don’t agree with, and that could have been addressed, but I still love her.

I think this is a great end to this small series. I found out that Clarke has a spin off series that is set in this world, but doesn’t include these characters. I think I might check that out, and even her other books if she has them. She has a nice writing style, and I think she might be one of my favorite authors.

5 stars


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