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The Diviners by Libba Bray


The Diviners by Libba Bray is a young adult, historical fantasy novel. Set in 1926 New York, exiled Evie O’Neill now living with her Uncle Will and his young ward Jericho. Evie has a power that lets her see into the past. She wavers between keeping it a secret and showing it off. But when her Uncle is called into help with a series mysterious involving the occult, she has to decide whether to help using her gift or not.

This novel have many POV changes throughout. The more you read on, the more the story splits and shifts. However, Evie is still obviously the focus character throughout the book. But I’ll give a small run down of some other characters. There’s Memphis, a black man from Harlem that used to have the gift of healing. There’s Sam, a suave pickpocket with his own agenda. There’s Theta, an upcoming star with a mysterious dark past. There’s Henry, a gay man who pretends to be Theta’s brother. I think he’ll have a much larger role in the next book. There’s many, many others that sometimes, honestly, annoyed me. However, now that I finished I can’t deny that it did work out for the story.

I really enjoyed the setting in this. Bray obviously did a lot of research into the time period, and it made the characters pop off the page. The slang was great to read, and made the banter between the characters nicer.

I did find the story slow sometimes. Bray has the tendency for to off on these long pages of description that I found rather boring. It slowed everything down, and I often found myself skimming over them.

Some warnings I think that are needed for this story are domestic violence, implied rape, and animal death. This is first book in a four book series. I think the third one is coming out this year. I ended up giving this four stars.

4 stars


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