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Fat Angie by E.E. Charlton-Trujillo – Book Review


Fat Angie is about a girl in her freshman year of high school dealing with some difficult stuff. Angie refers to herself as Fat Angie because she thinks that’s all there is to her. I should mention trigger warnings for self-harm and suicide, bullying, abuse, and homophobia. Due to all of these reasons, I found it hard to read it at times, but I pushed through it. Despite all the bad stuff, there were sweet moments to balance it out.

There are two lovely characters in this book: KC Romance and Jake, both very different people, but they are probably the only two decent people in Angie’s life. I liked that KC was a “bad girl” who shows up to a new school and is immediately drawn to Angie. It felt like a little twist to the “bad boy” trope. I loved that KC and Angie fall for each other (Not a spoiler, this is amazing). I love that Jake is the jock who always has Angie’s back, and works to help her achieve her goals. I loved all of those things.

That being said, I really hated Angie’s mom and brother. Angie’s mom was just awful. Again, it’s a really common trope in YA whenever young people have totally neglectful, verbally abusive parents, but I am so sick of it. The mom had no reason to treat Angie so poorly, and yet she did. Angie was probably abused way more at home than at school, and that’s just terrible. I didn’t want to read about Angie’s mom anymore, but she just kept showing up and ruining the peace that Angie found with KC and Jake.

Overall, this was a good read. The storyline of Angie’s sister who went off to war, was taken captive, and disappeared for months was really touching. I really felt for Angie. I understood why her world seemed to be crashing down on her the entire time. And the ending wrapped things up nicely. So, I think this book is definitely worth checking out.

3 stars


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