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Saxby Smart, Private Detective #3 by Simon Cheshire and R.W. Alley


“By the way, speaking if things that aren’t there, when you get back you’ll find that the handprint has vanished.”

“It’s gone? How?”

“Er, okay, see you tomorrow!”

“It’s the ghost! The ghost! It’s real! Oh my–

“Umm, byeeeee!”

This is the third book in the Saxby Smart series so it’s much of the same as the first two. Saxby an elementary school detective who makes case files of his cases, and asks the readers questions along the way. In each book there are three separate cases.

The first story in this book is called The Pirate’s Blood. This one involves a mysterious handprint that may or may not involve the ghost of a pirate. This one is a little different in that Saxby isn’t right all the time. I really enjoyed that because I feel it makes it more realistic. The mystery itself was fun, and I guess it right which is cool.

The second case is called The Mystery of Mary Rogers. It’s a mystery that involves arson and being two places at once. This one has a more serious vibe to it. Saxby describes it as the most cruelest case he has worked on. While my first guess, before any clues were revealed, was the right one, I still enjoyed reading it.

The third and final case is called The Lunchbox of Notre Dame. This one takes place on a school trip to Paris. It begins with a stolen memory card. This one was slower in the start, and, for me, was harder to follow along. As a result, I didn’t have as much fun while reading it, but the ending was really satisfying.  

Overall, I enjoyed reading this a lot. It’s a five star book. It might be my favorite so far of the series that I have read. I’m not sure if I will continue the rest of this series. While I have fun with these, I feel like at book four, five, six, it’ll get boring and repetitive, and I don’t want my opinion of these books to go down.


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