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Summaries We Love and Avoid

There are some summaries you read, and you know instantly that you have to check the book out. These are ours.


  • Fast, exciting, adventurous, intense. These words always grab my attention and make me want to see more of what a book is about.
  • Magic/magical. Anything with magic I feel like I need to check it out. It’s honestly my favorite thing in stories.
  • Friendships. If a blurb or summary mentions friendships it’s always exciting. Not enough books focus on this aspect enough when promoting.
  • Anything with space/pirates/thieves/a group of misfits. I’m very into all of these types of stories right now. I need more of them.


  • An lgbt+ character is a main character. If there is any indication of this, I will read it. 
  • A story about family. I love seeing family dynamics play about so this always draws my attention. 
  • A coming of age story following a teenager who is still finding himself/herself. I’m such a sucker for coming of age stories. Especially when they’re set in the summer. 
  • A story set in a small town where all things seem normal, until the supernatural appears. I’m usually hoping this doesn’t include vampires. Any other creates make for an interesting story. 

On the other hand, there are some summaries that make us go ehh I don’t know about this. These are ours.


  • Hot, sexy, sizzling. Any words like these tell me that the book focuses more on the romance, no matter what else the actual plot is.
  • Any summary along the lines of “he/she/the town was normal and boring until this new person showed up. Wonder what caused all this trouble/they changed this persons whole life.” It annoys me intensely.
  • Also, any summary that starts off with “Jane Doe had the perfect life until.” I find it so boring and tiring.


  • A journey through space. Chances are I’m already bored. Me and sci-fi don’t really mix. 
  • An assassin as a main character. I’m not throwing shade at Throne of Glass. I’ve heard so many books starring assassins and I don’t find the excitement. I don’t care about assassins. Take them away. 
  • Paranormal romance between a human and some ancient creature. So many books tried to copy Twilight. This is so overdone I just can’t stand it. 

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