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Camp NaNoWriMo Update #1

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April is here and along with it another round of Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve tried to do Camp NaNo a couple times before a couple years ago. Each time I got around 3,000 words before quitting. This time I’ve lowered by word goal count to 25K, and I’m doing weekly updates here in hopes of pushing myself to complete it this time. 

A couple months ago, I got a shiny new paranormal idea, and that’s what I’m planning on working on this month. As far as planning, I don’t have much done. I have the main characters vaguely made. I have a summary, and I have a vague beginning outline. So this will be fun. 

My very rough summary for this story:

When Lynette starts to experience a strange, new power, her first thought is to harness it to the best of her ability. She stumbles across some old friends experiencing similar troubles, and starts to wonder if its more than a freak accident that she has this gift. Her suspicions deepen as a mysterious stranger comes along to ask for their help. She is going to have to figure out just who she can trust as she’s shoved headlong into a new adventure. 

Suggested Word Count: 834

Current Word Count: 1,281

General Thoughts: I spent an hour at first simply choosing a font that I thought fit my story, but after that everything came pretty easy for not having any outline. I finished two chapters today, and I’m pretty happy with myself.

Small Excerpt: He dove for her, reaching out her arm. Lynette stumbled back with a yell. She tripped over a rock, and she raised a hand up in front of her. As if that would make him stop. But then the strangest thing happened. A prickling sensation spread through her arm like it had fallen asleep. Along with her hand raising, the gravel did as well. Lynette and the man stared at floating rocks for a moment. Lynette looked back at her hand still raised as well.

Curious, she drew back her hand, and watched as the gravel followed along like an obedient puppy. The prickling intensified as it moved. She furrowed her eyebrows, thinking of another experiment she could do, when from the corner of her eye she saw the stranger step forward to her again. She didn’t have time.

Lynette pushed her hand forward with all her might. The rocks flew into the man’s face. Then, it was his turn to stumble away with a yell, his hands covering his face. She darted forward and lifted her knee straight into his groin. Just to put a little icing on the little rock cake she gave him.



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