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Commander Shepard: A favorite protagonist

Isis: Aristotle Mendoza from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. He was so relatable and beautiful. I always come back to him, but I’m not even sorry. He’s the best.

Nicole: Magnus Chase from The Gods of Asgard series. He’s smart and scared and I loved reading from his perspective. 

Liara T’Soni: A character with great character development

Isis: Ozzie from At the Edge of the Universe. He has the most painful character development, but it was also so well done. I loved him from the start to the end, but I was proud of him at the end. He grew so much, and he became a better person overall.
Nicole: I really liked how Zach develops in Last Night I Sang to the Monsters by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Garrus Vakarian: A favorite friendship

Isis: August and Kate from This Savage Song. Their friendship was pure and strong and it was totally platonic. I loved every minute of it.
Nicole: Rose and Lissa from The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead have a great friendship. They still fight and mess up, but they don’t forsake each other for it. They support each other like a real friendship.

Jack: A character with a tragic past that works

Isis: Ummm Andres from In Perfect Light. The reason for this is that half of the book is about his tragic backstory, and the other half is about him dealing with it presently. So it works really well. And his backstory is so painful but it’s also hopeful at the end. I adore that book. I don’t think I could have taken such a sad backstory from anyone else, but Saenz is a genius when it comes to writing tragedy.
Nicole: Amy’s backstory from Amy and Rodger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson worked well for the story. It’s the whole reason the book happened, and I feel like it fit and was done nicely.

Samara: A complicated family dynamic

Isis: Oh man, the family dynamic in Stranger on the Shore by Josh Lanyon is just the craziest thing. The Arlington family was a mess, but I grew to love them anyway.
Nicole: Artimes from the Artimes Fowl series has an extremely complicated family, but it somehow works.

Marauder Shields: A favorite inside joke from a fandom

Isis: I don’t know if this is necessarily an inside joke but every time someone in the Captive Prince fandom even mentions Charls, it is hilarious. We are all Charls.
For context, this line from “King’s Rising”:
“That’s right. He is Charls. I am Charls. We are cousins,” said Charls, gamely, “named after our grandfather. Charls.”


Nicole: The Harry Potter fandom will never get over this, and I always laugh.

 Image result for he said calmly gif

Thane Krios: A favorite character death

Isis: *Spoiler alert*  Voldemort. Die, bitch.
Nicole: I won’t say names but there is a character death in The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight that’s pretty great. And by that I mean really, really sad.

Kaidan or Ashley: A character you could delete and it would have no effect with the story

Isis: Haha, this is sad. I think if you deleted Agatha from Carry On everything still would have happened pretty much the same way. I honestly liked her, but she was no unimportant, it’s not even funny.
Nicole: I feel like if Tyler wasn’t in Zom-B it wouldn’t have been that different. He was there to get beat up, have racist tirades thrown at him, and make B feel bad. Really it would be doing him a favor to take him out of the story. 

Mass Effect 2: A favorite middle of the series book

Isis: The first thing that came to mind is Prince’s Gambit by C.S. Pacat. Of all three books, this was by far the best one. It’s the only one in the trilogy that I gave a 5-star rating to. It’s probably the one I would definitely re-read.
Nicole: The Attack of the Ninja Frogs is the second book in the Dragonbreath series, and one of the best books that I’ve read so far in the series.

Andromeda: A favorite spin off

Isis: I don’t read spin offs because I don’t really read series. I think the only spin off I’ve ever read is the Sidewinder series that was a spin off of the Cut and Run series. I didn’t like it very much though.
Nicole: I’m not sure if this is technically a spin off but it’s not a sequel either. I really like Auggie and Me: Three Wonder Stories by R.J. Palacio. It’s three short stories featuring side characters in Wonder that I think added to the story nicely. 

Bioware: An author you support even if they disappoint you

Isis: I think Benjamin Alire Saenz, Rainbow Rowell, Victoria Schwab, and David Levithan are the only ones who have this honor.

Nicole: Victoria Schwab and Ursula Vernon immediately pop into my head. I will probably buy anything Khaled Hosseini writes.



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