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Rywka’s Diary: The Writings of a Jewish Girl from the Lodz Ghetto Book Reveiw


It hurts so much (for them we are not humans, just machines). Oh, pain! But I’m glad that I can “feel” that it hurts because as long as it hurts, I’m a human being. I can feel- otherwise it would be very bad. God! Thank You for your kindness toward us! Thank You, God!

Rywka’s Diary: The Writings of a Jewish Girl from the Lodz Ghetto includes a diary written by Rywka Lipszyc. It was translated by Malgorzata Markoff, annotated by Ewa Wiatr, has a preface by Judy Janec, has contributions by  Alexandra Zapruder, Fred Rosenbaum, Hadassa Halamish, Esther Burstein, Zinaida Berezovskaya, and is edited by Anita Friedman.

Rywka Lipszyc was a fourteen year old girl who lived in the Lodz Ghetto. She details seven months of her life in her diary before she stops writing mid sentence. She talks about her faith in God, her wish to write better, her yearning for a better education, and her grief for her mother, her father, and her two younger siblings that died before she started writing.

The book includes facts about how the diary was found, and how it was then translated and later published. It also includes a little history about the ghetto she lived in, and the events she describes in the book which I found very helpful. It also includes pictures of the places she lived and worked at, and scans of her registration cards. Two members of her surviving family writes little essays at the end, and there is also the research they found about what happened after she stopped writing.

It’s a very moving story. One that I think everyone should read. History needs to be kept alive, and books like this one helps to do that.


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