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This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab – Book Review

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“It doesn’t matter if you’re monster or human. Living hurts.”

This is one of the most complex, unique books I’ve ever read. This Savage Song is set in a world where violent acts and crimes breed monsters. There are Malchai, Corsai, and Sunai. Each a very different type of monster. Verity is split in two, with one side being protected by Harker, a ruthless leader controlling the monsters and promising safety to people for a price. And Flynn, a man who urges everyone to fight the monsters in order to feel safe.

This story, however, is not about the leaders. Instead, the book follows August, Flynn’s son, and Kate, Harker’s daughter. The pitch line is that August is a monster who wants to be human, and Kate is a human who wants to be monstrous. I didn’t really get that from the book, but maybe I didn’t read closely enough. What I definitely did enjoy was the unlikely friendship formed between August and Kate. And no, this is not a love story. (Although, I was rooting for August and Colin–anyone else?)

I really enjoyed the world building, and the slow progression at the beginning. Honestly, I appreciate slow-paced books. I like steppingĀ into a story and grasping at details until I get the full picture midway through. But for some reason, I did not enjoy the second half of the book as much as I’d hoped. Yes, it picked up the pace, but it felt endless. I didn’t really get the point of the journey the characters embarked on. It felt forced. There was never really a destination, and it made me lose interest. I couldn’t root for the characters as much as I liked them.

This is not to say that I didn’t like this book. It took me by surprise many times. The characters were great and interesting. The relationships strong and believable. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel simply because of the characters.


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