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Lorelai: A character who’s the rebel

Isis: My favorite rebel without a cause is Zane Garrett from the Cut and Run series. He was a rebel through and through. He had many addictions and vices and he did whatever he wanted and he dressed however he wanted.

Nicole: Sirius Black will always be my favorite rebel.

Rory: A perfectionist

Isis: I would say Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. I get the feeling that Mr. Darcy needs to have everything in a certain sensical order or else he’ll lose his mind. He seems pretty stuck on his ways. He did have character development at the end but I’m pretty sure he’s a perfectionist. You know, Mr. Darcy and Rory would probably get along really well if they knew each other.

Nicole: I think Victor from Vicious would fit.

Luke: a kindhearted character who never fails to surprise you

Isis: Dante Quintana from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. There is no one kinder than Dante. Everything he did just made me like him more. He was beautiful in every way. Must protect at all costs.

Nicole: Auggie Pullman from Wonder is the sweetest kid.

Paris- a character who loves to be in charge

Isis: Raffe from the Angelfall trilogy loved giving orders all around since he was a big bad angel. But come on, he was ridiculous at times. I really liked seeing how much he tried to control Penryn and then completely fail. It was great.

Nicole: Peter Pan always loves to be in charge. He has to lead everyone in going to the island to their games and their battles.

Sookie and Jackson- A couple that seems natural together

Isis: Marko and Alana from Saga

Nicole: Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games series. After everything they experienced together how could they not end up together?

Lane- a character you think would always have your back

Isis: I know I could always count on Ron Weasley. He would be the perfect friend to have on any occasion. I would trust Ron with my life because he would defend and protect me without a doubt. My hero.

Nicole: Kim from If I Stay. I think she would do everything she can for her friends even if she has to try to get along with people she doesn’t like to do it.

Emily- a character who struggles with relaying their emotions effectively

Isis: Aristotle Mendoza from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. There is probably no better character for this answer. Ari is a pro at hiding his feelings. He even hides them from himself.

Nicole: Zach from Last Night I Sang to the Monster repressed every memory that would make him feel something so much that he struggled with identifying all his emotions. Even the happy ones.

Paula Anka- Favorite fictional pet

Isis: Lying Cat from Saga. I realize it’s an insult to call him a pet, but he’s amazing. I love the way he calls out everyone on their lies. I wish I had a cat like him.

Nicole: In Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Ari adopts a stray dog he names Legs. I mean he’s just a dog. He doesn’t do anything special, but I love dogs.

Babette- A character that can talk too much

Isis: Hermione Granger. But I liked that about her. She always had important, intellectual things to say. I really liked the way she rambled most of the time.

Nicole: Danny from the Dragonbreath series never shuts up, but it’s funny instead of annoying.

Miss Patty- A character that always seems to know everything

Isis: I do not regret picking Hermione already. I have someone better. Colin from An Abundance of Katherines. Since Colin was a prodigy, he was pretty smart. He knew all the facts, and I actually found him incredibly endearing. I loved that aspect about him the most.

Nicole: Artemis from the Artemis Fowl series is a genius. I don’t know how his brain works.

Michel- favorite sassy character

Isis: I’ll have to go with Baz from Carry On. Granted, I was not a huge Baz fan, but he had a few sassy lines here and there. My real answer is Lucifer from the TV show Lucifer, but I thought I’d stick to books. Seriously though, no one sassier than Lucifer.

Nicole: Magnus Chase is full of sass no matter the situation he gets into.

Kirk: favorite oddball character

Isis: Skylar from the Gives Light series is such an endearing oddball. He’s usually an outsider, or at least he thinks so. He’s the main character but he always comes across that way. And I love him for it.

Nicole: Eleanor from Eleanor & Park. She doesn’t fit in, she dresses different, and she’s one of my favorites. 
Christopher- An unreliable narrator

Isis: Cadence from We Were Liars is probably THE most unreliable narrator I’ve ever read. I really liked her though. I think that’s always hard to pull off, but it worked for me.

Nicole: Melinda from Speak is unreliable because her anger blinds her into making a lot of generalizations about other people that we can’t trust.

Dean- a character you liked at first before you figured out what a douche they were

Isis: Ah, well I’m going to go with an oldie. Good old Edward Cullen. Hear me out. When I was fifteen and naive, I loved Edward. I never really saw him as anything less than perfect. But recently I reread Twilight and I hated Edward with a passion. He was frightening, sadistic, and completely obnoxious. A total douchebag, to say the least.

Nicole: This is a spoiler but Quentin from The Outliers. I was rooting for him, and he betrayed me.

Jesse- a character that you want to lovingly push into the lake

Isis: Diego from the novel Nicole and I are currently writing Summer Storms. Listen, I love Diego with all my heart, but he can do and say some things that just really get to me (even though I write them). I would really love to push him into a lake and see him almost drown since he can’t swim that well. I wouldn’t let him drown because, like I said, I do love him.

Nicole: Rose from The Vampire Academy. I love her, but she makes stupid decisions.

Logan- A cocky character with a soft side

Isis: I hate this but I’m choosing Warner from the Shatter Me trilogy. I don’t know how I feel about calling Warner cocky but he definitely puts on a facade that isn’t real. He’s a real softie underneath all those shitty layers. Or maybe he’s just shitty and it’s hard to see it cause he’s so pretty and angsty and smoldering.

Nicole: Draco Malfoy of course. He’s so arrogant, but he loves his family especially his mom.

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