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Dragonbreath Books 1-3 Review

The Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon follows Danny Dragonbreath. He’s a dragon, and the only mythical creature in his school of reptiles and amphibians. So life can be tough for him, especially since he can’t breath fire. These books are a mix of text and comic book panels so reading them goes by fast. With every one of these, I read them in one sitting.


I rated the first book three stars. I would have to say it’s my second favorite out of the three I have read. It follows Danny as he has to redo a paper for school. Sounds boring like that, right? But since it’s Danny, and his assignment is over the ocean, he decides that instead of going to the library he will go to his sea-serpent cousin, and experience the ocean first hand. In this book, I felt the picture placement was a little off, but I still enjoyed it. Danny and Wendell’s friendship has to be one of the top things I like about this series.


The second book is my favorite out of the three. I rated it four stars. The pictures were beautiful, and the story was great in every way. This story was a bit more out there with it dealing with ninja frogs instead of just doing a homework assignment. Maybe that made it more enjoyable. 


The third was my least favorite, but I still gave it three stars. It’s a lot more out there than the second book. Just look at the cover. It was a little much for me. But the art was still amazing, and Danny’s and Wendell’s friendship is still so strong and sweet. So it kind of evens out.

There’s currently eleven books in this series with the eleventh barely coming out this year. There’s a good chance there will be more to come. Honestly, I didn’t pick up this series for myself. The ten-year-old I watch did, and I read them along with him. He’s going back to school soon, but I might just pick up the rest of the series by myself to follow Danny on more of his funny adventures.



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