Writing Follies Start of Summer Read-a-thon Update


Day 1

 Isis: I got very little done on the first day. I went to a book sale and then to the movies, and when I came home I caught up on some TV shows, and so until the end of the day I read Attachments.

It was not a fast-paced book, but it was probably the most fast-paced of all the books I picked. I got about 50 pages into Attachments the first day.

Nicole: I didn’t get home until five or so on the first day. I picked up The Secret Life of Bees intending to get to the halfway point before stopping, but that’s when the book got interesting. I finished it around one or two in the morning. I loved it.

Day 2

Isis: I procrastinated most of the day until I went to work and when I came home I read Attachments again. I stayed up until 1 AM until I finished the 323 pages. Then, I picked up Chocolat and got about 30 pages in. I was pretty exhausted by then, so I called it a day. Again, very slow paced books here. Nothing worth keeping me awake.

Nicole: Again I didn’t pick up my book until the evening,  and, again, I finished it in one night. I didn’t like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian as much as The Secret Life of Bees, but it was still good.

Day 3

Isis: This was the worst day for me. Reading became tedious. I couldn’t get into Chocolat despite loving the movie, so I started The Great Gatsby and that was the worst idea. I had a big moment where I felt like I would never enjoy reading a book again, and so I did many things to keep me occupied. And I didn’t read until nighttime.

I decided to throw out The Great Gatsby and instead pick up The Old Man and The Sea which was much easier to get into. I read through the entire thing without a problem. It was not quick by all means, but very easy to read. I regained my love for reading.

Nicole: I think I exhausted myself because I didn’t read anything on this day. I told myself it was fine because I was so ahead, and Their Eyes were Watching God was my shortest book so it shouldn’t take any time at all.

Day 4

Isis: I read Chocolat at work, but only made it 100 pages in. It was very difficult to focus since I had a busy day. Then I traded books with Nicole. I now plan to read The Secret Life of Bees first and see how it goes. My expectations are very, very low.

Nicole: I only read the forward of Their Eyes were Watching God. It’s disappointing, especially since I was excited to read it, but a lot popped up so I didn’t have much time before the trade off.

I decided to read The Old Man and The Sea first since it is the book I least want to read, and it happens to be very short. I’m hesitant to read Isis’ books since she’s had such a hard time.


About Nicole & Isis

Hi! This is Nicole and Isis, and we will be running this awesome book blog. We're both aspiring authors, which means that we do a lot of reading and writing, so we hope you enjoy our posts! Currently, we're both co-writing an urban fantasy novel, as well as writing our own individual fiction novels. Basically, we're both constantly writing. But in order to write better, one must read. Therefore, we have our very own book club. Here we will discuss some of our favorite books.

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