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Fablehaven by Brandon Mull


             Fablehaven is the first book in a five book children‘s literature fantasy series. It’s a story about two siblings, thirteen-year old Kendra and eleven-year old Seth, and part of their summer at their grandparents’ magical sanctuary which they don’t know about, of course, until they are there and cause a bit of mischief.  It’s a story that involves fairies and naiads, witches and trolls, and many other creatures. For those who love it, you might be in for a movie since the rights were sold, though that was many years ago, but there is also a five book spinoff coming this year called Dragonwatch. So if you love magic, and family relationships, and long series this might be the book for you.

            Do I think it’s for me? Eh, maybe. I liked it well enough. There was a lot of description and background to find out and set up that I think will pay off well in the other books. It did make this one drag on a little bit though. How everything is revealed is a bit draining as well since it revolved around being told not to do something, and then immediately they, Seth mainly, went out and did it. Over and over again.

            I know some other reviewers could not stand Kendra and Seth, mainly Seth, but they were the high points of the book for me. I loved their sibling relationship, and I thought they behaved like children their age. I liked how they were so different from each other, and went about solving the problems that popped up in different ways that were true to their individual character. As for the other characters, I think I liked Lena the best. That might be because she was more fleshed out than the others though.

            It wasn’t a thrilling, fast paced book for me, not even at the end. I wasn’t that hooked on any of the characters, so I wasn’t on the edge of my seat hoping everyone would be okay. I’m not going to run out and get the next book because I can’t wait to see what happens. However, I wouldn’t mind reading the others either. I think this is a solid three out of five stars. Not bad but not in any way mind blowing.


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