Character Spotlight

Character Spotlight #9

Name: Lucifer Morningstar

Book TV Show: Lucifer

Get to Know Him:  Lucifer is a wealthy bar owner living in Los Angeles. He plays the piano, and he’s an adviser to a certain detective who may or may not be his friend. He punishes the guilty. He’s just a typical guy trying to figure himself out in a world full of confusing humans. He has major daddy issues–because he’s the devil, and he is sick and tired of torturing souls in Hell.

Why I Love Him: I love–and hear me out here–his innocence. Yes, Lucifer is innocent. He is constantly amazed by humans because he’s learning to be one. He constantly trusts people, and they usually die, and he gets crushed by that. I love how he has faith. He seriously has faith. Maybe not in his father, but he certainly believes in people. He believes in his beloved detective, and in his priest friend, and in Maze. I mean, this guy is really complex, and I love discovering his many layers. Not to mention his humor. Lucifer is hilarious, and he never fails to make devil puns. He’s lovely.

Favorite Quote: “These emotions are bloody inconvenient.”


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