Horror Short Stories



  • We get together every year on Valentine’s Day. It was the anniversary of the day we died.
  • His eyes seemed to pierce my soul. Almost even more so than the knife he stuck in me.
  • The liquid flowed gently down the tube. The moment it touched my face, my skin began to burn off.
  • She could be the perfect wife. If only he could find the right head to put on her body.
  • They told me I would live forever. They didn’t mention it would be in a tube.
  • You complained so much about your broken heart, so I fixed it. Now you don’t have one.
  • The girl in the closet started singing again. I live alone.
  • “Don’t let me in!” my mom yelled over the phone as I opened the door. The woman standing outside was not my mother.
  • The little man crawled under my bathroom stall. My screams weren’t heard when he skinned me.
  • A beautiful boy sits on the swing. The fragments of the dead bodies surround him like confetti.

About Nicole & Isis

Hi! This is Nicole and Isis, and we will be running this awesome book blog. We're both aspiring authors, which means that we do a lot of reading and writing, so we hope you enjoy our posts! Currently, we're both co-writing an urban fantasy novel, as well as writing our own individual fiction novels. Basically, we're both constantly writing. But in order to write better, one must read. Therefore, we have our very own book club. Here we will discuss some of our favorite books.

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