Writing Projects

Horror Short Stories


  • We get together every year on Valentine’s Day. It was the anniversary of the day we died.
  • His eyes seemed to pierce my soul. Almost even more so than the knife he stuck in me.
  • The liquid flowed gently down the tube. The moment it touched my face, my skin began to burn off.
  • She could be the perfect wife. If only he could find the right head to put on her body.
  • They told me I would live forever. They didn’t mention it would be in a tube.
  • You complained so much about your broken heart, so I fixed it. Now you don’t have one.
  • The girl in the closet started singing again. I live alone.
  • “Don’t let me in!” my mom yelled over the phone as I opened the door. The woman standing outside was not my mother.
  • The little man crawled under my bathroom stall. My screams weren’t heard when he skinned me.
  • A beautiful boy sits on the swing. The fragments of the dead bodies surround him like confetti.

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