Sold by Patricia McCormick – Book Review


This was not an easy read. It deals with real-life occurrences about young girls from poor countries who get sold into prostitution. This is the story of a particular thirteen-year old girl, Lakshmi, from Nepal, who was taken to India and forced to sell herself to pay back the price she was sold for.

“Trying to remember, I have learned, is like trying to clutch a handful of fog. Trying to forget, like trying to hold back the monsoon.”

This book is written in poems, and it flows easily from page to page. Sometimes the shorter chapters left me gaping at the page, astounded. There was so much told with so little words. Lakshmi is a normal girl, with an endearing innocence and playfulness, and it is gut-wrenching to witness her essence being destroyed. It was a very powerful read.

The most tragic thing about this book is the reality of it all. Lakshmi’s story isn’t one of a kind, and it isn’t just fiction. Human trafficking is a serious issues, and it happens every day. It is just heartbreaking and horrible to image these poor lives being shattered so mercilessly.

I think this book is important. I think it’s important to be aware of these issues that exist in our world.


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