Book Review-Point Pleasant by Jen Archer Wood


Point Pleasant is a fanfiction turned book that explores the story of the Mothman. Along with the paranormal/mystery story line there is elements of friendship, family, and love. The basic gist of it is a man comes back home after thirteen years, and has to deal with everything he left behind along with the Mothman.

This book took me so long to get through, and I’m really proud to finish it. I did not like it though. Well, some elements were nice, but on the whole, no. It wasn’t my cup of tea. It told me more than it showed. The main character knew everything about everything. One look in someone’s eyes, and he would know  every little emotion they were feeling, and why they were feeling it. And the background. Pages and pages of background and explanations repeated over and over.

The relationship in it was very unhealthy. They manipulated each other throughout the whole book. At the end, they tried to get to a healthier relationship, but it was too late. I didn’t find either of them likable, and they were the main people. My favorite characters were in the story for less than fifty pages.

The good in this story would have to be the art, and the take on the Mothman was interesting. That’s pretty much it.


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