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End of Days by Susan Ee – Book Review

End of Days

When I finished World After, I wasn’t thrilled to read End of Days. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I was terrified of what this conclusion would bring. I admire Susan Ee’s writing style, and I consider her to be merciless when it comes to her characters. That is an amazing quality in an author which I one day hope to own. On top of that, there’s always so much pressure in the final installment of a series. But this book? It was glorious.

Penryn Young remains the same kickass female character in the world, and although there isn’t much character development, I do think she had some significant growth. I feel like she had a weight lifted off her shoulders after the final events. I really have nothing negative to say about Penryn. She was a badass from the start to the end.

Raffe, my goodness, that fucking archangel. I swear I don’t know if I should hate him or love him. Mostly love him. He showed a lot more of his soft side and that only added to my obsession. This guy, he kept giving Penryn these corny speeches about what type of nice guy Penryn should be with because ‘our love is forbidden’ yadda yadda. He clearly watches too much television. It’s just so hard to be mad at him. So hard.

Penryn’s Mom was my favorite thing in the world! I absolutely love her. Every time she showed up, I smiled. And Paige? Well, that girl proves that badass runs in the Young bloodline.

But what really got me in this book was Beliel. I won’t get too much into it, but another reason why I respect Ee’s writing is because she can make me change my mind about a character in a matter of pages.

Ee knows exactly what she’s doing. She gives us beautiful characters to love, and incredible conflicts to face, and then she chooses the perfect words to convey the right image in our minds. I know I’ve just described a reading experience, but I’ve had some terrible ones in the past. And I am just so happy this was a great one.

End of Days was an amazing conclusion to this batshit crazy story of a post-apocalyptic world involving angels. It was everything I’d wanted and nothing I’d expected.


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