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World After by Susan Ee – Book Review

I waited a long time before reading the sequel to Angelfall which is one of my favorite books of all time. Maybe it was my own fault. I went in expecting too much. I had formed this idea of what I would get to see happen. Regardless, I am slightly disappointed.

World After picks up right where Angelfall left off. There were many action sequences. It was just as thrilling as the first one. We get to see Penryn and her family trying to fit into the Resistance camp for a while. I just didn’t like how much it relied on flashbacks from significant scenes of the first book. All it did was repeat what I had already read without adding anything to the story, without moving it forward.

However, the writing style was on point. I got to read about Penryn again, who is an incredible character. It was because of her that I got through it, even though I wasn’t enjoying much of her journey. I flew through the book, but I hated that I wasn’t getting anything I had wanted. Again, that’s probably my own fault.

I have not yet given up on this trilogy. The characters in these books are all so amazing that I have to keep reading, no matter where their stories take them.


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