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I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson – Book Review

Shane Dawson claims this the first book he’s ever read. I thought: That can’t be good. And yet here we are.

I stumbled upon Shane Dawson in 2009 while browsing YouTube for Joe Jonas dancing videos. (I was young, sue me). Actually, I stumbled first upon Shane dressed as Shanaynay, and I was understandably confused.

For all of you who don’t know, this is Shane:
imageAnd this is him in his Shanaynay getup:
imageAs I previously stated, I was young, and I had a lot of time on my hands. I was fascinated by Shane. I loved his crazy, offensive humor. I was a little shocked by it at first, as I assume most people were, but I always wanted more. I liked his creativity. It’s been many years since I really went through Shane’s videos. Last year I listened to his podcast, and it was amazing. I even re-listened to old episodes when he took a short hiatus. I bought many of his original songs. Shane has kind of always been a part of my life, even after I stopped watching his YouTube videos. (I still watch them occasionally). Recently, I had the chance to meet him personally, which was nice.

That being said, I bought this book with very little enthusiasm. Lately, a lot of YouTubers have been publishing books. I think it’s great that they’re venturing into this new medium, but as a writer who is constantly learning about the craft, and as someone who reads as much as possible, it kind of irritates me seeing this new trend. Most of these YouTubers, like Shane, don’t give a damn about reading or writing. But because of their fame, publishers give them a book deal. They want to sell their name, not their words.

I don’t mean to sound preachy. I’ve bought two of these YouTuber books, and I’ve loved them both. I actually am entirely grateful that Shane wrote all of these stories about his life. I found it all incredibly interesting. I was able to understand him better than I had before. I think a lot of people who do know him and dislike him don’t see him the way that I do. I see a genuine guy who’s worked hard for what he has. He’s doing something that makes him happy. He’s earning a living in one of the best possible ways. I envy him, but I also admire him.

To say that Shane Dawson is an open book is the right expression. I might have grown too old or too busy for his videos and podcast, but I still like to know he’s out there. That he’s still doing his own thing. He was able to make his own movie, Not Cool, which is vulgar and hilarious and really strange, but unmistakably his. He sold his very own TV show. His podcast is a hit. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. I mean, for a bullied kid with a sad childhood, the guy turned out pretty good.

I had fun reading this book. It was true to Shane Dawson.


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