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The Object of My Affection – Movie Review

Let it be known that I love romantic comedies. The ones in the nineties, preferably. And not until recently I decided to watch The Object of My Affection. I’ve only heard about this film once before, and it was when it was referenced in Michael Barakiva’s novel, One Man Guy. The premise sounded fun and quirky and I love anything with Jennifer Aniston, so I gave it a shot.

And it blew my mind.

Well, okay, maybe it didn’t exactly blow my mind. I tend to be melodramatic. But it did really touch my heart. I teared up a few times, which is a lot coming from me. Before I really get into my thoughts on this beautiful movie, I should explain what it’s about, for those of you out there who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this yet.

This film follows Nina, a social worker who is independent and lively and strong. Due to a breakup, George, a school teacher, is forced to move into Nina’s apartment, and a friendship blooms. Another small detail, George is gay. Now I guess since this film is set in the nineties, that was kind of big, so this plays a big role in the movie. Fortunately, the portrayal of a homosexual character was done eloquently. It was refreshing seeing Paul Rudd play a normal guy who did normal things. I mean I think we’re all used to the stereotypes on TV, which are overdone, not to mention rude.

Back to the story. Our lovely Nina learns she is pregnant by her jerk of a boyfriend, who she really isn’t sure about anymore. After a few mishaps, Nina convinces George to raise her baby alongside her. As in, together emotionally, but not physically. I think I saw the trouble in that from miles away, but I loved my sweet Nina and George, so I had to play along with their plan.

This film moved me. It made me think about family, and love, and friendship. The friendship portrayed in this film was so honest and it felt genuine. I think I came to love the two main characters the way they loved each other. I understood them so well. Their decisions were not easy, but they were two very smart people with good hearts. I think this film helped to open up a discussion on what consists in a real family. Does a kid forcefully need their two biological parents to be raised correctly, even though their parents aren’t good together? The fact that Nina chose the path that she did in the end answered my question, and it only made me appreciate her more.

I think this was an incredible movie, filled with talented actors who really knew their characters. The overall message was a valuable one. I think the highlight of this movie was near the end, when Nina’s daughter is in a school play, and the shot focuses on the large audience of people who are all there for her. That was absolutely beautiful. And it really comes to show that an independent woman can take care of her daughter without the need for a husband. It shows that the little girl was not going to go without love and affection.

I would rate this film 9/10. It’s a definite new favorite for me.


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