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Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier- A Book Review

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring is originally a painting made in the seventeenth century by Johannes Vermeer. This book explores who the girl in the painting might have been, and what the story around the painting could have been. With my meager knowledge of the Dutch, the time period, and the painting with its artist, I can tentatively say that this book had a lot research behind it. That, or the author managed to make it seem like she did, and so I still have to say good job on bullshitting.

Going into this, I expected it to be hard to read, but I was pleasantly surprised. It flowed very nicely. I didn’t have trouble understanding anything. It didn’t have the regular chapters. It was split in four big parts with little symbols to break up the scenes. This isn’t an action packed book. If you go in thinking about drama with fights and tears or something similar, you will be severely disappointed. This is a slow, quiet book, but that doesn’t mean it is boring. Griet, the narrator, is anything but boring though I think she wishes she were.

The characters in this book are all really well written. The story was so easy to grasp and accept. The ending was perfect. I will definitely be looking for other books written by this author.


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