Writing Projects

Our Writing Projects-Update #1

During this new year we are going to be posting a lot more about writing. Posts like this one to talk about our ongoing writing projects, and hopefully keep us constantly working on them. Also coming soon should be writing prompts, and our own fulfillments of those prompts.

Dreadful Dreams

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Adult, Family
 Dreadful Dreams
Summary: Like every other human, Erin Reed makes mistakes. Growing up in rural Montana allowed Erin to create a dream life, consisting of riches and fame. When she finally leaves home for college, Erin knows she has finally made it. Free from the reigns of her past, Erin gambles her future for a chance at success in Los Angeles. Everything goes according to plan, until Erin meets with the cruel reality of life.
Sometimes, you have to make rash choices in order to improve your lifestyle. Sometimes your so called dreams lead you to the most dreadful situations.
Word Count: 29,633

Blindfolds Take Three
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Summary: Elva is eighteen, the youngest in her demanding family, going to college while digging a massive debt, and has no idea what she wants to study. Buckling under the pressure, she decides to runaway. But not in so many words. She goes on a fun-loving road trip with her two closest friends. The only thing is, it doesn’t turn out so fun-loving as she hopes it will be. It turns out that outrunning problems only causes more problems to pile on.
Word count: 42,526

Summer Storms
Summer Storms Take Three
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Contemporary, GLBT, Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Fairies
Summary: Ailsa has a fae-tal problem. Her body is suddenly changing, so much that she fears even her brother, Leon, won’t recognize her. Or worse, that she’ll die before finding out what’s wrong with her.
In the quiet town of Red Oak, Diego drinks away his past. Bound by a special sight, Diego helps out his favorite bartender, and is brought into Ailsa’s haunted life.
Together, they set out to weather through the storms that plague their summer.
Word Count: 53,514

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