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Angelfall by Susan Ee – Book Review

Here’s a little fact about me: I LOVE ANGELS.

And my favorite type of angel is evil.


I also love kickass nerdy angel dudes who learn to love humanity.

angel cas.gif

So, it’s really no surprise that Angelfall was right up my alley. But the angels became a secondary entertainment for me. After all, with a wonderfully amazing main character, Penryn Young, there really was no comparison.

Let’s talk a little about Penryn. This girl is holding her family together a few months after the angels struck the world, bringing on the apocalypse. Her family consisting of her schizophrenic mom and wheelchair bound little sister. Penryn has the weight of the destroyed world on her shoulders, and it only gets worse. When she’s caught in the streets by demented angels fighting each other, her little sister Paige gets taken by one of them, and she’s left with nothing but a dying angel who she decides to rescue in hopes of him leading her to Paige.

Not only is Penryn super smart, she’s also an excellent defensive fighter. She is not afraid of anyone, not even the angel she kidnapped. She is the very definition of brave. I cannot express my love for this girl.

Then there is Raffe. The poor guy who got his wings sliced off and was left to die in the middle of the street. If it hadn’t been for Penryn, he would have never made it. Except now he’s weak and half bled. I just loved his sassiness. I loved the way he mourned for his wings. I loved the way he treated his angel sword, as if it was another limb. Raffe is a soldier, and his one goal is to get his wings attached back again.

That is how Penryn and Raffe unite forces and go in search to recover what they each lost. The thing is, their trip is never easy. There are obstacles in every turn. There are other threats aside from the angels, disturbing things that I’ll never forget. I never liked action sequences in books, but the way the author wrote them in this book was so incredible that I enjoyed every word.

The friendship that develops between Penryn and Raffe really got to me. It was so pure. They built a deep affection, and it wasn’t complicated, although it had every reason to be. What I really admired about this story is that it didn’t have petty moments. Penryn could have been annoying and whiny and she had every reason to whine, but she didn’t. Raffe could have been overly cocky, but he wasn’t. He felt so human at times.

I truly enjoyed every minute spent reading this book. I kept wanting to burst from my excitement. As soon as I picked it up, I was completely consumed by it. I forgot where I was, I forgot who I was. All I wanted was to keep reading.

The writing style was beautiful. The characters were well crafted. The storyline was phenomenal. This is the type of book that make me keep reading. This book reminded me why I love reading so much, and why I want to write my own books.

Read this book. Read it and you’ll never look back.


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