A List of Our Favorite Male Protagonists

  • Zane Garrett (Cut and Run Series): I love Zane because he is badass. He has a dark past and addictions, and he does his best to move past all of that every day. He’s a good man and an even better FBI agent. He’s a character I’ll never forget.
  • Colin Singleton (Abundance of Katherines): Who doesn’t love a smart guy? Colin is not only intelligent, he’s also witty and kind and good with anagrams. He knows random facts about everything. He’s the best.
  • Danny Torrance (The Shining/Doctor Sleep): I loved him as a little brave, courageous boy in The Shining as much as I loved him as a badass adult in Doctor Sleep. Like wine, he only keeps gets better with age. I love Danny so much and I just want the best for him.
  • Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones Series): I owe Tyrion so much. He made my fears go away. He made me laugh and smile. He made me feel superior when I felt inferior. I loved his love for books. I loved his wits. He’s someone worth looking up to (no pun intended).
  • Aaron Warner (Shatter Me Series): The villain-turned-heroes are my favorite. Warner is never actually a bad guy, though. Appearances can be misleading. And Warner can look vicious, but really he’s just a messed up man. I love Warner. I want him to call me “love” like he does Juliet so he can sound like a British man.
  • Prince Robot IV (Saga): I never thought I’d love an evil robot without a head so much, but I do. Without regrets. I would marry this man in a heartbeat. He’s well spoken and he dresses so nicely and he is always so confident. I adore him. I would bear his robot children. Somehow. On second thought, that sounds painful.
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series): Brave and a heart full of gold, Harry is hard to hate even though people try really hard to. He is smart and athletic and so very sassy.
  • Aristotle Mendoza (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe): This boy is so lovely. He is sensitive, and full of love. He is loyal, and dedicated. He doesn’t think he is good with words, but he is perfect with them.
  • Adam Wilde (Where She Went): He is the sweetest boyfriend. He is talented, but that doesn’t go to his head. Very passionate and considerate. A little jaded, sure, but really who isn’t?
  • August Pullman (Wonder):  He is inspiring and brave. He has a facial disfigurement, but that doesn’t stop him. He is full of positivity and friendliness.
  • Brian Robeson (Hatchet): He is young, but very smart. Probably smarter than me. He matures a lot through the pages which is always wonderful to see.
  • Zach Gonzalez (Last Night I Sang to the Monster): He is very messed up, but it’s understandable. He is sensitive, and smart and lovable.
  • Thomas Mayhew (Tandem): He is a royal agent who does bad things because of following orders. But he isn’t bad. He is good, and it shows even when he does bad things.

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