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Book Review: Blankets by Craig Thompson

There are stories that soothe you as you read them. Blankets by Craig Thompson is one of them.

This memoir is Craig Thompson’s coming of age story. It highlights his childhood and teenage years. The art in this humongous book is so raw and beautiful that it really captured what the author wanted to show. It did it so well.

Among the themes in Blankets, faith is an important one. I think that was my favorite aspect of this story. I’m not used to reading about religion in books, but when I do, I either love it or hate it. From the start, this book doesn’t shove beliefs at the reader, it doesn’t try to preach about salvation or what’s right and what’s wrong. It shows what Craig went through, the struggles he dealt with while keeping his faith. It was mesmerizing, and I could strongly relate. There was something so honest about Thompson’s storytelling. There were things I never would have told had I been sharing this story. But I was grateful that they were told. It made it all so impactful.

This is a story about first love. It’s a story about hope. Faith. And family. It is a story about snow in the wintertime, and cuddling deep under blankets. It’s a story about art and writing and survival. Despite the delicate issues presented throughout the story, it still managed to soothe me like snow would to a wound. At one point I felt as though a blanket of calmness had fallen over me.

So, if you want to read a story worth remembering, while admiring beautiful artwork, Blankets is for you.


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