Character Spotlight

Character Spotlight #4

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Name: Prince Robot IV

Book: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Get to Know Him: My villainous darling is as his name states: a prince. But he is also a soldier in combat. He’s a loving husband. He’s a family man. Listen, all this dude wants is to go home and be with his wife and try to start a family. But he’s stuck having to fly from planet to planet hunting down two star-crossed lovers and their child. So what if Prince Robot IV murders a few people on his path? He’s just trying to clock out of work and get some well-deserved rest.  Also, his head is basically a television. And sometimes he can transform his arm into a deadly weapon of massive destruction.

Why I Love Him: The way this robot man speaks is glorious. He is so eloquent and witty and wordly. He has true class, even when killing people. He has manners, and never forgets to use them. He is incredibly sweet to his wife, continuously calls her “love,” which warms the cockles of my heart. He believes in justice, and I love that about him. Even though he isn’t completely right all the time, he still does what he is asked to do by the people he trusts. He isn’t a heartless robot. He’s a beautiful man. And I just want to wrap him up in my arms and love him forever.

Favorite Quote: “I’d never felt anything quite like it. For the first time in my life, everything was as it should be. Because the opposite of war…is fucking.”

prince robot iv


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