Character Spotlight

Character Spotlight #2


Name: Ignatius Perrish

Book: Horns by Joe Hill

Get to Know Him: Iggy is a rich kid who’s been in love with his long term girlfriend. He lost her in a violent death for which he was the prime suspect. The man suffers like no one I’ve ever read about. Oh, and he also has horns growing out of his head. Why? He doesn’t know. But they’re there. And now people see them and confess their darkest urges and secrets. It’s not known whether Ig is human or demon or the devil himself, but he doesn’t care. He does what feels right to him.

Why I Love Him: I love Ig because he’s not a bad guy despite the fact that he has every reason to be. I felt so much sympathy for him. I wanted him to be okay. I loved the way he interacted with his friends and family. With his girlfriend. He wasn’t a good guy, not at all, but he was good. He cared about people. He tried to help them. Granted, he had his share of evils, but he mostly stuck to helping those he could.

Favorite Quote: “The best way to get even with anyone is to put them in the rearview mirror on your way to something better.”



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