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A Review: The Eternals by Clover Donovan


Isis: The Eternals is a middle grade fantasy novel. The story follows thirteen-year old Rowan, the son of two deceased wizards. Rowan lives with his grandfather, a wise old man who calls upon the dead.

The characters in this story felt genuine and they were interesting. Mostly I enjoyed the innocent voice of the narrator. His thoughts were funny and endearing. I also liked the whole concept of Eternals. An Eternal is basically a human person whose blood allows the power of eternal life. The main character is somehow entrusted with the task of protecting the last Eternal from two evil villains, and the story sets off.

I wasn’t expecting to have such a large supply of fantastical creatures, but they certainly were a pleasant surprise. There weren’t only wizards in this story. Oh no, there were so many cool creatures that kept popping up. It helped to move the plot forward very quickly, and always left me guessing for what was to come next. The surprises kept coming.

Among this cast of creatures were:

Zombies! (Or zolas. I think they’re a bit sensitive about this subject)


Faeries! (Those things can bite!)


And your typical evil snowmen.


There were many heartfelt moments throughout the story, and I really felt for the characters. It was refreshing reading about younger characters after so many adult and young adult novels.

I had fun reading this story. It kept my interest throughout. If you like fantasy, quirky characters, and a whole lot of interesting creatures, then pick this up.

Nicole: This was the easiest book to read. Once I started it, I flew through it, reading half of it in one sitting, and the rest of it in the next one. It’s not the type of book that you need to think critically while reading. You just start and go along for the ride.

(Minor Spoiler Alert): I liked this book from the moment he said his parents died from a dragon. That might seem a bit morbid, but at first I thought it was just a tall tale told to make it easier on him. But it wasn’t. I laughed so hard. It was said so bluntly, I don’t know. I think it was my favorite part of the whole book.

Okay no more spoilers. This book is very fast paced which is part of the reason that it goes so fast I guess. And it tells more than it shows. I wish it didn’t do that. I wish it hashed out the situations more, and allowed the reader a second to process the whole world it is set in.

But that is my only criticism. I still enjoyed myself, and I find myself wondering what is going to happen to these characters next.


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